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 My name is Jesse Johnson, and I guess you could say that I am half 
 nerd, and half redneck (yes, I'll even admit it).  That is the Ruger emblem above.  In my 
 opinion, Ruger makes some of the best firearms around.  For all 
 those Hank Williams Jr. fans out there, no he didn't use it first, 
 although I do think his choice for an emblem was made with good
 For all of those that are curious as to what I do, I am a student at
 UNM.  I am a physics major, and plan to get my masters degree, or PHD.
 I am 19 years old, and have fun shooting, hunting, fishing, working 
 math and physics problems, drinking beer (goes along with college), 
 and raising hell in general.  
 Another thing that may be of interest to those wondering, "Why is 
 Garand in the address when his name is Jesse?"  The answer is that
 when I shoot in high-power matches, I shoot with a M-1 Garand.

 What I am going to do with this site is include different pages with 
 things that I find entertaining, or interesting.  I will have pictures
 from my trip to Australia, a section on physics and math, a section on
 firearms, and who knows what else.  Not all of these are up just yet, 
 but be patient, and they will be there. The first one up will be the 
 section on the Australia trip.  The rest I either have to find the 
 pictures, or fabricate the graphs, charts, and equations.  Somewhere in 
 there beer will be mentioned too!

They ain't sausage links!

Aussietrip: The trip that Jesse took to Austrilia with Jerrod, Royce, and Scott.

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