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Right after christmas, three friends and I took a trip to Austrilia. We only made it to Sydney, but We still had a blast. I will tell what the pictures are starting with the ones on the right. The top is a picture of the first day that we were there. We were in the Clovelley Hotel Pub. On the left is Royce, next to him is me (Jesse), next to me is Jerrod, and on the Right is Scott aka. "Zippey." It isn't visible, but behind us is a truck with 134 full kegs of beer (Mmmmmm beer)! The picture below that one is later that night of Jerrod. We went back to the pub to have a beer or two. All was going well until somebody said, "Hey, lets do shots [of Tequila]." Jerrod, about fifteen shots later, he was talking to RALPH on the big white phone. He slept next to the crapper that night. The picture on the lower right is of me standing infront of Bondai beach. It is a world famous beach, where women are not required to wear their tops. Need I say more? The picture directly below is of Scott and I standing infront of the Sidney Oprahouse. Pretty cool building. The picture below that one is of Jerrod and I in our wetsuits getting ready to go scoobadiving off of Shelly beach. That was a blast. The picture at the very bottum is of me under water. We saw a whole butt-load of marine life, including sharks and Eagel Rays. I even got to pet one of the sharks!

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